July 2010
36th Annual Event of the FINTECO Foundation (July 2010)

The 36th Annual Event of the FINTECO Foundation (Argentina) was held in July 2010 at the School of Medicine of the Federal University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The main topic of the meeting was "Health through the Creative Expression".

The participants attending the Forum were 120 specialists in the field of mental health from Paraguay, Italy, Spain, the USA, and Argentina. Eighty per cent of these participants were psychiatrists; the rest were professionals devoted to relevant disciplines.

The meeting was evaluated by means of DVDs created by the participants.

As a premiere in America, a Spanish documentary film "Another Space, Another Time", directed by Ana Martinez, was presented.

The script dealt with a journey through Argentina and was performed by patients undergoing a rehabilitation process coordinated by two psychiatrists.  The purpose was to show the wide rehabilitation possibilities through an approach centered mainly on the patients involved. In a way, the script was inspired by "The Clouds", a book by Juan José Saer, late Argentine author.

Other works that were presented dealt with non-conventional approaches proposed by new techniques envisioning an integral treatment of the psychiatrical patients, such as painting, music, sculpture, literature, theater, physical activity, or film-oriented workshops as a demonstration of how such activities contribute to generating a patient’s resilience –an aspect which is considered to be essential for psychiatric patients’ rehabilitation today.




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