WPA Core Curriculum in Psychiatry for Medical Students

What every doctor in the world should know about psychiatry

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This document is of most immediate concern to all teachers of psychiatry, and calls on them to reconsider what they teach.

A consequence of the great tide of reform now occurring worldwide in medical education is that particular attention is being paid to The New Medicine. By this phrase medical teachers imply that concentration on curative medicine is no longer enough. Curricula now have to focus also on prevention of illness and promotion of health given only marginal recognition in conventional curricula. These critical dimensions have been endorsed in recent years by the two major reforming developments in medical education (World Federation for Medical Education, 1988 & 1993).

The publication of A Core Curriculum in Psychiatry is therefore immensely important, for two quite different reasons, one specific and the other general. The document in the first place is a landmark in education of psychiatrists, but it has the wider significance also of reflecting the clinical policy now necessary for the actual practice of medicine. The document thus has a dual thrust, directed primarily at the teaching of psychiatry, and more generally at health service delivery i.e. clinical policy. In both spheres promotive and preventive medicine has emerged from the sidelines to become a major priority.

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