WPA/PTD Educational Program on Depressive Disorders

This program is designed to help in training general practitioners and other healthcare workers. The program is organized into several modules, the first of which is a core module which provides an overview of the fundamental aspects of depressive disorders.

Each module contains:
  • Core test
  • Glossary of terms
  • Slides
  • Lecture notes for trainers
  • Material for transparencies
  • Course syllabus and other handouts for participants
  • Suggested reading list
  • Reference list
  • Diskettes
Supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Eli Lilly and Company

Steering Committee:
Chairman: Prof. Costas N. Stefanis
Members: Prof. Lewis L. Judd, Prof. Norman Sartorius

Module 1: Overview of fundamental aspects

Module 2: Depressive Disorders in Physical Illness

Module 3: Depressive Disorders in Older Persons

Curricular Committee:
Chairman: Prof. J. J. Lopez Ibor
Vice-chairman: Prof. C. Ballús
Members: Prof. Jules Angst, Prof. José L. Ayuso-Gutierrez, Prof. Mohan Isaac, Prof. Michel Linden, Prof. Paul Linkowski, Prof. Stuart Montgomery, Prof. Driss Moussaoui, Prof. Constantin R. Soldatos, Prof. Madhukar H. Trivedi.

Review Committe:
Chairman: Prof. Eugene S. Paykel.
Vice-chairman: Prof. Cornelius Katona.
Members: Prof. Per Bech, Prof. Julien D. Guelfi, Prof. Bisi A. Odejide, Prof. Gordon Parker.

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